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Our company has excellent production equipment, strong technical strength, quality testing equipment. Stable and reliable product quality, good market reputation, the main sales throughout the country each big enterprise and the foreign unit 。

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In strict accordance with the process of operation ,In addition to the staff of first-class quality, rich production experience, strict quality testing, to ensure that the products of excellent quality 。

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I was founded in 1989, is a professional engaged in R & D and production of various precision springs of the enterprise, the company has excellent production equipment, strong technical strength, quality testing equipment. Stable and reliable product quality, the main sales throughout the country each big enterprises and foreign units, product specifications from 0.2mm 10mm and various specifications, special specifications can be customized materials 。

The company to "refine on, strive to build first-class product" for the purpose of. Equipped with specialized technical personnel...

Certificate of honor
As a professional production of spring manufacturers, the choice of materials is very important
In order to protect the spring can work reliably, the material selection is particularly important. Spring material selection must take full account of spring use, nature of loading, the important degree and by size, cycle characteristics, operating temperature, ambient medium and other conditions of use, and machining, heat treatment and economic and other factors, so that the result of selection and match the actual requirements. Spring steel is the most common material. When the stress is smaller and corrosion 。 
What are the main influence factors?
1.First of all, the spring strength influence main factor is its material, material area yield higher degree ...
Spring in the use and maintenance?
1.Valve spring under high temperature and periodic high-frequency alternating force, after a period of time will produce wear ...
At several points spring processing needs?
(1) spring processing surface roughness should not be less than 12.5 M. (2) the ends of ring and tight flattened compression spring ring worn parts not less than the perimeter of a circle 3/4 ...
Spring application in life what?
1, control of mechanical motion, such as in an internal combustion engine valve spring, clutch control in spring ...
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